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Partnership Responsive

Partnership Responsive

We engage in projects

We are assuming the challenges and applying the latest technology.
Bringing innovative ideas and participate actively.

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Research and development

We enjoy the Researh is our ADN

We enjoyed software development because it is our passion.
Our Know How allows us to increase productivity and add value to projects.
We are proud of it.

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Agile Software Development

We manage prohect with SCRUM.

Because the software is evolutionary in nature, we develop software with sprints of 2-3 weeks.
Each delivery is 100% functional and allows to use the application to detect actions for improvement.

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Projectes Turnkey

We develop projects including the entire development cycle


Mentoring and Training

We are experts that provide senior consulting services and training.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We develop apps on IOS, Android i Windows Phone.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

We apply best practices and development patterns. SOA service-oriented REST

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management

We manage development processes and application software. Experts in CMMI and SCRUM
Software Advisor

Technology advisor

We help in the process of decision making for integration and development of new applications.

Get a successful professional future

Come and become an expert with our training!

Microsoft .Net

  • C# 5.0
  • Entity Framework
  • LINQ
  • XAML

Mobile Apps

  • Apache Cordova (Phonegap)
    Web Cross Platform
  • Xamarin
    Cross Platform


  • Asp. MVC 5
  • Web API
    (Rest XML/JSON)

Temario - Index 1 (PDF 2Mb)

Temario - Index 2 (PDF 1Mb)

Experts and certified professors with more than 70 success stories
headed by Fernando Lencinas

project 8

Unilever - FRIGO

Target Development of a web application that can manage all orders from Frigo marketing department.
Contemplating the standard and customized orders.
There is an approval workflow with different actors.
Integration with logistics operator platform through Web services
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2008R2
project 9


Target Developing an smartclient application that allows to manage all reports for the Inteligent Business Department of Panrico.
Contemplating roles defined in Active Directory.
Display corporate indicators in the TrayIcon.
Working with local cache
SkillsWPF, Click Once, WCF, SSRS
project 9

Marketing Digital

TargetDevelopment of a marketing application to send bulk mails to some of the best known market MailChimp o Amazon WS
With the aim of boosting the database of consumers through digital marketing campaigns staring contests, promotions, newsletter and social networks.
The Roll Out took the Digital Marketing team Panrico
SkillsASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, JSON, WPF, Click Once
Ayuntamiento Sant Cugat

Ayuntamiento de Sant Cugat

TargetIntegration Application Enterprises (IAE) respecting the business logic of each application in a distributed environment using Internet like enterprise bus.
Allow citizens to perform transactions On Line
Town Hall integration with Open Platform Administration Generalitat de Catalunya.
SkillsSQL/Server, Oracle, Windows Server, Unix, Servicios Web XML mediante HTTP/SOAP, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET
Epidor integracion iSeries DB2


Target Development of a Web application that integrates with the corporate CRM.
The challenge was trying to match the response time to the text application, but using web standars
These users used to work text screens (green) interface had not gr & aacute; FICA, which was a challenge for the team.
SkillsDb2 SQL, Windows Server, Servicios Web, HTTP/SOAP, C#, ASP.NET
Caixa Manresa

Caixa Manresa

Target Integrate various heterogeneous back-end technology through BizTalk Server.
Develop multichannel platform that supports different front-ends the Financial Terminal, Home Banking and ATMs.
DateJuly 2006
SkillsMicrosoft .Net C#, ASP.Net, Biztalk Server, Web Service, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Target Development of a managment system for nutritional control.
Application based in smart client with distributed service-oriented architecture (SOA)
SkillsWindows Presentation Foundation, Click Once, Web Service, Oracle
Antonio Puig

Antonio Puig Perfumes

ObjetiveDevelopment of a system that allows for the traceability of products made through the distribution network.
SkillsASP.Net, c# HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle, Windows Presentation Foundation, Smart Client Software factiry, Click Once, Web Services, Windows Service
AGN Ancert


TargetIntegration the Microsoft Office in an application Windows Presentation Foundation through a middleware based Web Services and Java backend.
SkillsVisual Studio for Office, WPF, WCF, Windows Services, Smart Client Factory, PRISM
Ganaderia Plus

Ganaderia Plus

TargetDevelopment of an application for livestock managment
. That allows working with and without connection, since being rural land is not always available online connection.
SkillsHTML, Silverlight, SQL Server, Reporting Services, WCF, RIA Services
  • Panrico

    Reporting Corporativo

    Smart client to display Reporting Services reports developed with Click Once with Active Directory

  • Frigo - Unilever

    E-Commmerce Gesfrigo.com

    Ecommerce Web with workflow approvals

  • Mar

    Aplicación Marketing

    Application for digital marketing campaigns throgh major Services Providers

  • Antonio Puig

    Antonio Puig Perfumes SA

    Development of application Web and Smart Client that allows for the traceability of all products through the distribution network

  • Ganaderia Plus

    Ganaderia Plus

    Web-based livestock management, with the possibility of working on and off line


    Empresa Epidor SA

    Web application integrated with the ERP and CRM coporativo.
    On a server that is in DB2 on iSeries AS400 server

  • Ayuntamiento Sant Cugat

    Ayuntamiento Sant Cugat

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • Sodexo


    Smart Client-based application to manage the menus and calculate the cost of production
    You must use the Oracle database is containing data corporative ERP.

  • Caixa Manresa

    Caixa Manresa

    Collaboration in the development and implementation of a multi-platform

  • AGN - Ancert

    Ancert - Asociacion Notarial

    AGN (Notarial Management Implementation) that integrates with Word allowing uses a unique user interface for notarial Management

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